Arizona Kickball Tournament Rankings AKO Pre-Tournament Power Rankings

AKO Pre-Tournament Power Rankings

Friday, February 28, 2014 8:10 AM
By andy
And here we are - Tournament #2! The second tournament in the Circuit National Tour is the Arizona Kickball Open next Saturday. There's only one team that played the previous tournament that's playing in this tournament. For everyone else, this is their first tournament of the year, so let's meet them...

AKO Pre-Tournament Power Rankings

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Sofa King Good Los Angeles, CA
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Last Poll: 1
They struggled in New Orleans, but the defending AZKO champs are still the kings of the Pacific. They've 4 long months to chew on their disappointing performance. Will they bounce back strong or was CCC the first signs of decline for the Sofas? (Krabbas)
Brew Crew Cartel Long Beach, CA
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Last Poll: 2
BCC is a very talented team who will be looking to pick up another circuit tournament championship. Vince is one of the most underrated chargers in the country and single handily can shut down teams. (Edge)
Runnin Rebels National Tour
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Last Poll: 3
This mid-atlantic crew is deep and full of ridiculously talented kickballers from OSC, Shockwave, and Lights Out. Only a couple of "availables" have won Circuit tourneys in the past. After AZKO, that list could grow. (Krabbas)
The Gargyles Orange County, CA
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Last Poll: 4
A single elimination participant from CCC, 2013 and most recently SFKO, look for the Gargyles to make a deep run at this tournament. (Edge)
Gordon Bombays ,
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Last Poll: 5
The Gordon Bombays had a nice performance at CCC last year, coming out of pool as the #7 seed before making a first round exit at the hands of Shockwave. (Krabbas)
Catalina Wine Mixers ,
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Last Poll: 6
The f*cking Catalina Wine Mixer. (Krabbas)
RiOT ,
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Last Poll: 7
My prediction: The RiOT will finish pool play with a .500 record, sneak into eliminations, and lose a close first round match. Seems to be their M.O. (Krabbas)
Loose Cannons
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Last Poll: 8
Not a lot is known about this team, but the rumor mill says they are bringing a lot of talented east coast veterans. Look for them to make a deep run in the tournament. (dm)
Thunder Buddies ,
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Last Poll: 9
Too many Teddy Bear themed teams in this tournament. (Krabbas)

Also Receiving Votes: Bad News Bears, Crooked Roosters, Haters Gonna Hate

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Rankings Points #1 Votes
1 Sofa King Good Los Angeles, CA 177 13
2 Brew Crew Cartel Long Beach, CA 161 3
3 Runnin Rebels National Tour 129 2
4 Gordon Bombays , 112 3
5 The Gargyles Orange County, CA 90 0
6 Catalina Wine Mixers , 72 0
7 Crooked Roosters 66 0
8 RiOT , 58 0
9 Loose Cannons 50 2

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