Georgia Kickball Open Rankings 2014 Georgia Kickball Open (GKO)

2014 Georgia Kickball Open (GKO)

Thursday, March 20, 2014 11:16 AM
By andy
Sorry for the delay! We're running a little short-staffed at the moment. Life got in the way for a few members of the panel.. and when you only have 5 panelists, numbers dwindle fast. We are accepting additional volunteers to the panel as well. Certainly looking for panel members to bring west-coast expertise.

But anyway - #GKO2014! It's finally Spring, and with Spring comes more kickball tournaments. The Georgia Kickball Open this Saturday gives us our first Tournament of Spring. Without further ado, here are the rankings.

2014 Georgia Kickball Open (GKO)

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Flying V Atlanta, GA
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Even after what they consider a disappointing showing at SFKO, this team is capable of winning any tournament they enter. They are the two-time defending champions and are bolstered by their strongest roster to date. Recently added Trey McGlohn will provide another offensive weapon for an already deep and talented team. Flying V always seems to play their best at their home tournament and I expect no less this year. (Edge)
Cobra Kai
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Last Poll: 2
After a Final 4 appearance in SFKO, and with Pat on the roster locking down 3rd base again, it will not be a big surprise if Cobra Kai wins this event. (dm)
The Perfect Storm
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Last Poll: 3
Typically, I wouldn?t rank an availables team this high at such a tough tournament, but this team is a team definitely capable of winning GKO. A mixture of 5 Meatballs, 5 Sitch, 3 JKI, 2 Lights Out, 1 OSC, and a former NYSH player, this team is probably the deepest team at this tournament. The biggest question mark will be figuring out the offensive lineup and how this team gels. If their lineup is rolling, they will be difficult to beat. (Edge)
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Last Poll: 4
After a well documented and disappointing COT loss to the Meatballs at SFKO, Shockwave is looking to prove they can win a Circuit event. Will the roster they are bringing to GKO be talented enough to do so? (dm)
Oh Danny Balls ,
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Last Poll: 5
ODB solidified that they were for real at GKO last year by knocking off some Circuit stalwarts. Can they repeat that success now that they're not sneaking up on anybody? (Trey)
Deja'Vu Bowie, MD
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Last Poll: 6
This team hasn?t been a regular on the circuit lately, but there is no denying their speed. Playing on turf will benefit this team IMO and they could surprise some teams. (Edge)
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Last Poll: 7
Does 1 player really make that big of an impact on a team? After just missing the elimination rounds at SFKO, Beta is looking to rebound and play well at this home event. (dm)
The Hustle Family ,
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Last Poll: 8
Another availables team that could surprise some teams. They are captained by Situation?s leadoff and their roster is comprised of circuit players from multiple established teams. They will have a great defense, but how far they go in this tournament will depend on their offense. (Edge)
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Last Poll: 9
With the tournament encroaching soon, Legit is hoping to get ahead of the competition with an experienced squad. They refuse to stay behind the pack. That mentality may be just enough to push them in front of their competition this weekend. (Trey)
Adrenaline Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 10
Comprised primarily of players formerly of Red Light Make Out, this local team is looking to make it out of pool play this year and surprise some teams. They have the players and experience to do so, they just need to put it all together. (dm)
The Young Runners ,
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Last Poll: 11
What kind of team doesn't even have their namesake on the squad? (Trey)
Sunday Funday Crew ,
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Last Poll: 12
These guys partied hard last year. Real hard. Expect them to have more time to party with an earlier exit this time around. (Trey)
Hard Knox
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Last Poll: 13
Supposedly this is an all-star studded team from TN, and just like most teams who enter their first Circuit tournament, they are looking to make a name for themselves. Will they catch on to the game, starry and rules quickly enough before their day ends? Whatever happens, hopefully they gain a lot of experience and plan to travel to future Circuit events. (dm)
SARC Attack Savannah, GA
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Last Poll: 14
After a year of adjusting to Circuit rules and strategy, has SARC Attack recruited the necessary talent they lacked and adjusted their game play to make it out of pool play. Hopefully, but we'll have to wait and see. (dm)
Crazy Momma!
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Last Poll: 15
Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo ,
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Last Poll: 16
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1 Flying V Atlanta, GA 161 5
2 Cobra Kai 156 1
3 The Perfect Storm 145 4
4 SHOCKWAVE Bowie, MD 138 0
5 Oh Danny Balls , 134 0
6 Beta 103 0
7 Deja'Vu Bowie, MD 85 0
8 Legit 78 0
9 Adrenaline Atlanta, GA 69 0
10 The Hustle Family , 58 0
11 Crazy Momma! 32 0
13 Hard Knox 20 0
14 SARC Attack Savannah, GA 17 0
15 A Shot To Remember , 14 0
16 Sock Puppets 14 0
17 300 , 14 0

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