Jacksonville Kickball Open Rankings 2014 Jacksonville Kickball Open (Co-ed)

2014 Jacksonville Kickball Open (Co-ed)

Thursday, May 15, 2014 11:43 AM
By Edge

2014 Jacksonville Kickball Open (Co-ed)

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MEATBALLS Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Meatballs aren't accustomed to not winning in Florida, but they've been 0-3 in Championship games in their last three Florida Circuit tournaments. These guys might be old and washed up, but they still get fired up at the thought of disrespect! (Trey)
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Last Poll: 2
The 2013 JKO champs have their eyes set on winning their 2nd tournament of the year (SFKO) and repeating as back to back JKO champs. Doing it without their Ace is going to be a tough task. We'll have to see if their offense and bullpen can carry the load. (dm)
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Last Poll: 3
Coming off a good run in GKO, they have the best all around player in the circuit back. They want a rematch with Meatballs. So do the fans! (Jimmy)
Flying V Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 4
Heading into the tournament a little light shouldn't be a major issue for the 3x GKO champs. Coming off of a dominant performance in their home tournament, the Ducks hope to continue their impressive run for their first out of state title. (Trey)
Cobra Kai
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Last Poll: 5
Talent in, talent out. The players on loan from OSC have now departed, but Cobra Kai has pretty much the pick of the litter for Jax players. This team will have a lot of speed. (Jimmy)
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Last Poll: 6
Beta took a very talented Availables team to the brink of elimination at GKO and quite possibly tired them out for their next opponent. No longer a team people overlook. (dm)
JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 7
If they put up eight runs this tournament, they'll have a legitimate shot at winning. (Trey)
Deja'Vu Bowie, MD
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Last Poll: 8
DJV made a pretty solid run to the elite 8 at GKO in their return to circuit traveling. Can they keep up the momentum? (Jimmy)
Tinder Kings ,
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Last Poll: 9
Tinder Kings puts together quit an impressive package. Their bulging lineup should make other teams hot and bothered by the end of the game. (Trey)
Sexy Mama!!!
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Last Poll: 10
Pretty solid showing in Austin, but it will take more than 1 good tournament to move higher in the rankings. Getting a top 12 seed out of pool play would be a good day. (Jimmy)
Bayou Ball Busters
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Last Poll: 11
Despite not making elims in Austin, this team had an impressive showing and has the right pieces in place to win games against very good teams. Another good performance at JKO will only boost their confidence going forward. (dm)
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Last Poll: 12
Has Legit peaked? Their best tournament was the finals appearance in the non-circuit Orlando tourney. When it counts, they need to step up their game. (Jimmy)
Gorilla Juice Heads West Palm/Delray Beach, FL
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Last Poll: 13
0-4 in Austin hurt. They will need to cut down on the mental errors/poor decisions if they hope to rebound and make a run. (Jimmy)
Foot Clan
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Last Poll: 14
Local Jax team with a handful of cobra kai players, this will be the toughest low seed team in the tourney. Their schedule will be brutal though. (Jimmy)
Adrenaline Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 15
Atlanta team with some experience, but they will have to play their best kickball to get out of pool play in this tourney (Jimmy)
Duval United
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Last Poll: 16
There They Go
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Last Poll: 17
Speed and athleticism, this mix of STL Most Wanted and There They Go is getting better each tourney. (Jimmy)

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1 MEATBALLS Ft. Lauderdale, FL 150 6
2 THE SITUATION Hampton Roads, VA 144 3
3 SHOCKWAVE Bowie, MD 134 0
4 Flying V Atlanta, GA 128 0
5 Cobra Kai 104 0
6 Beta 56 0
7 JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL 48 0
8 Tinder Kings , 40 0
9 Deja'Vu Bowie, MD 30 0
10 Bayou Ball Busters 26 0
11 Legit 23 0
12 Sexy Mama!!! 23 0
13 Gorilla Juice Heads West Palm/Delray Beach, FL 16 0
14 Adrenaline Atlanta, GA 12 0
15 Foot Clan 10 0
16 Duval United 4 0
17 There They Go 2 0

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