Jacksonville Kickball Open Rankings Pre-Tournament


Thursday, May 23, 2013 8:30 AM
By andy
The Jacksonville Kickball Open is next Saturday, June 1!


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MEATBALLS Fort Lauderdale, FL
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A non-win here means Panik likely takes over the top spot. Combine that with the fact that Meatballs faltered here last year, and there is no reason they won't be treating JKO just as seriously as they would treat SFKO/DC. (Southeast #3)
The Situation Norfolk, VA
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Last Poll: 2
Sitch tore through pool play in GKO like, well some torential down poor relatated pun. Unfortunately, they stumbled hard in the first round losing to eventual finalist Cobra Kai in the first round. I expect them to be motivated and ready to re-establish themselves as an elite team at JKO. (East #2)
Flying V Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 3
Not quite the full squad, but the V is hungry to capitalize off the home trophy and improve upon last year's heartbreaking shortfall. (Northeastern #1)
Fully Loaded Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 4
Everyone is dieing to know... will Fully Loaded win at 9am? Maybe fate will shine on them and they'll get a bye? (Northeastern #2)
JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 5
The best defensive team of 2013 just cannot score runs when it counts. Expect them to rest their key players a little more than usual. I'll be rooting for them to get over the hump but I'm still not sure where the runs are going to come from. (Mid-Atlantic)
Cobra Kai
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Cobra Kai is playing at home, well one of their homes at least. This always dangerous team is looking to finish what they started last year at JKO, but are they strong enough to take on the guantlet that JKO 2013 has developed into? (East #2)
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Last Poll: 7
Very close games against Fully and Cobra at GKO left them as the first team out of elims on a rain soaked day, but with a large portion of the team getting more experience at LSKO and a big upgrade at charger, this team should be the squad the top 6 doesn't want to be stuck playing in elims. (Southeast #3)
Who Dat! ,
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Last Poll: 8
Corey Tiger might be kickball's best hype man. He's taken a team who's beat no one and convinced me they can make elims. If they get SARC and Gorilla Juice Heads again, I don't see why they can't though. (Northeastern #2)
Legit Orlando, FL
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Last Poll: 9
Legit seems to be one of the more inconsistent teams on the circuit. They're good but they haven't even come close in elim games. With this strong of a field it won't happen here either. (Mid-Atlantic)

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Rankings Points #1 Votes
1 MEATBALLS Fort Lauderdale, FL 79 8
2 Fully Loaded Fort Lauderdale, FL 59 0
3 Flying V Atlanta, GA 56 0
4 The Situation Norfolk, VA 48 0
5 JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL 48 0
6 Cobra Kai 31 0
7 Beta 15 0
8 Who Dat! , 9 0
9 Honey Badgers Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9 1

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