South Florida Kickball Open Rankings SFKO2014 Pre-Tournament

SFKO2014 Pre-Tournament

Friday, February 14, 2014 10:18 AM
By andy
Wow. Is it February already? It seems like just yesterday that we did this for the Circuit Cup.

Well the Power Rankings are back, and we have a brand new panel. Also, some people will be excited that we ditched the Anonymity.

Without further ado, here's the South Florida Kickball Open Pre-Tournament Power Rankings!

SFKO2014 Pre-Tournament

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MEATBALLS Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 1
The three-time Circuit Cup champions will be looking to continue their SFKO dominance and have to be considered the favorite for this tournament. The Meatballs made one of the bigger off season moves adding Gabe from JKI, who is arguably one the best defensive chargers in the country. He gives them depth at the charger and pitching positions, helping keep them very fresh for single eliminations. (Edge)
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Last Poll: 2
The Situation roster is STACKED. The only question will be how well they gel. You have a good amount of players from Florida (Duncan, the Fully Loaded peeps, Jimmy) that obviously haven't been able to play together. I expect the kinks will get worked out in pool play, which is why I'm ranking them 2nd, only behind the Meatballs. (Krabbas)
Flying V Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 3
Flying V has always been a few players away from becoming a threat to finish the season ranked #1. Adding Ray an elite defensive Charger and a very skilled kicker fills the last void of a very stacked infield that already features a shutdown Pitcher and arguably the most underrated Catcher in the country. (Trey)
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Last Poll: 4
Can't wait to see how they do in the first tourney following their impressive Circuit Cup Finals run. Will they ride that momentum to their first win? Or under perform under high expectations? (Krabbas)
Lights Out Harrisburg, PA
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Last Poll: 5
No off season for this team. Lights Out also hit the recruiting trail hard after CCC. They have already proven they can win a Circuit tourney. If they give Kyle some pitching help, they are a threat to beat any team. (dm)
Cobra Kai
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Last Poll: 6
Cobra Kai added one of the best bunters in the country in Beil , formally of OSC. He gives them a legit top of the order guy and someone who travels well, both of which were issues last year. Pat from OSC will be playing with Cobra Kai for this tournament, giving them one of the best chargers in the game. Expect Cobra Kai to have a stingy defense and give any team they are playing trouble. (Edge)
JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 7
When you add a few thirty year olds (approximately) and get exponentially younger, you know you're old. JKI finally has some offense to go with their stellar defense. Losing Gabe is much easier to swallow when you add a two-way stud like Ricky. (Trey)
Hammerheads ,
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Last Poll: 8
New name, same familiar faces. Can the key pieces of the Pounders and Pop Pop make this marriage work. If so, they will be a force on the Circuit this year. (dm)
The Gargyles Orange County, CA
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Last Poll: 9
Props to this team for traveling across the country for this event. Sleeper pick to make a good run but they'll have to do it with a very, very small roster. (dm)
Beta Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 10
Beta is out to prove that the "Ewing theory" applies to kickball as well. Bez who? (Krabbas)
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Last Poll: 11
How far Legit goes may be determined by how closely the refs are watching for catcher encroachment. (Krabbas)
Extra Salty ,
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Last Poll: 12
Dematas has been around forever and knows the ins and outs of the game better than most. Even though this is an availables team, don?t expect them to a cupcake team. They have added talent from both coasts and will be a tough out for anyone. (Edge)
Last Pick
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Last Poll: 13
A team full of retread tires can still make some noise. Let's see if this combination of South Florida misfit toys can do better than last year's version. (Trey)
Balls Deep ,
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Last Poll: 14
Questions abound with this squad of veterans. Do their girls have cleats yet? Will they wear their WAKA shirts? Can three very good players still carry a squad in the Circuit? (Trey)
Swamp Donkeys
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Last Poll: 15
The Donks lost their top player to The Situation (consider that a Hampton Roads kickball right of passage), but they've replaced him with veteran Eric Stevens. This team traveled light in their first year and Matt Mitchell learned he needs more depth. Encouraged to see them have 15 on their roster for Ft. Lauderdale. (Krabbas)
Gorilla Juice Heads West Palm/Delray Beach, FL
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Last Poll: 16
This squad always comes prepared for SFKO. They have a history of knocking off good teams and scaring the s**t out of great teams. (Trey)
Duval United
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Last Poll: 17
These Jacksonville kickballers stunned a lot of pundits by making it out of pool play last year. No reason why they can't do it again. (Krabbas)

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1 MEATBALLS Ft. Lauderdale, FL 152 8
2 THE SITUATION Hampton Roads, VA 140 1
3 Flying V Atlanta, GA 129 0
4 Lights Out Harrisburg, PA 115 0
5 SHOCKWAVE Bowie, MD 115 0
6 JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL 96 0
7 Cobra Kai 77 0
8 Hammerheads , 38 0
9 The Gargyles Orange County, CA 34 0
10 Balls Deep , 26 0
11 Extra Salty , 19 0
12 Legit 12 0
13 Last Pick 11 0
14 Swamp Donkeys 9 0
15 Beta Atlanta, GA 9 0
16 3KM , 7 0
17 Rockstar Lifestyle Washington, DC 4 0

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