Circuit Cup Rankings Circuit Cup 2013 Pre-tournament Rankings

Circuit Cup 2013 Pre-tournament Rankings

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 8:37 AM
By andy
CCC2013 Power Rankings
CCC2013 Power Rankings
Welcome to the return of the Power Rankings! It's been a while since the panel has gotten together to talk rankings.

For our final Rankings of the year, we will be focusing on the Circuit Cup Championship. This is the grand finale of the Circuit National Tour and is shaping up to be the deepest, most competitive, and craziest kickball tournament ever. CCC2013 will be Saturday November 9th in New Orleans, LA.

We've provided the Top 20 from a pretty large field. The Panel has provided commentary on the Top 16 of who they think will make it out of pool play.

Without further ado, let's check out who the panel thinks will do will in #CCC2013

Circuit Cup 2013 Pre-tournament Rankings

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Panik Attack Virginia Beach, VA
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Panik Attack won their first two tournaments of the year, arguably the toughest tournaments of the year thus far, but slipped up in their last showing at home. Is this their year to take home the one they want the most? They'll need Dan and McCoy to step up in a big way in their last tournament (I'll believe it when I see it) to keep JC fresh for the later rounds. (East #2) I consider Panik the favorite here based on their body of work this year, winning arguably the two toughest circuit events of the year. They are very deep and possess a potent offensive lineup. The only question mark I have on them is if Dan Nichols will be in attendance after the recent announcing of his retirement. He is lights out on offense and can spell innings at both charger and pitcher, allowing others to rest. (East #1) For having the best year of anyone (sorry SOFA), they definitely didn't steam-roll their way through the two tournaments they won. Close games with OSC/Fully/MB in SFKO. A huge call changes their entire day in DC with a win over Shockwave in the final four. They deserve to be ranked #1, but I think someone finds a crack in the armor and pulls the upset before the day is through. (Southeast #3)
MEATBALLS Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 2
If you ask BK he'll tell you the Meatballs are old and washed up. Whether it's a real sentiment out there or in house generated bulletin board material, they definitely feel they have something to prove after failing to win SFKO or JKO. Their win at the Sunshine State Kickball Open certainly leaves them on a good note, let's see if they can make it a 3Peat. (East #2) A down year by Meatball standards but let?s not forget they've won the only two circuit championships. I have no doubt they have taken the necessary preparations to be ready in New Orleans and expect them to be a Final 4 team. They are loaded on both sides of the ball and have the depth necessary to rest people in pool play. There are rumors that the Meatballs is franchise winding down and if true, they will be doing everything in their power to go out on top. (East #1) Under the radar year for the Balls of Meat, but they're the favorites until they lose this tournament. A finals match with Panik would be epic. (Southeast #3)
The Situation Norfolk, VA
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Last Poll: 3
Coming off of their second straight Founders Cup 2nd place finish, this team will certainly be hungry to win the biggest tournament of the year. This team has been knocked out of tournaments by only Panik Attack and The Meatballs, which points towards a deep run for this group. (East #2) Situation will be looking to continue their successful 2013 season with a Circuit Cup championship. A very well balanced team with solid bunters and kickers littered throughout the lineup. If Blake can stay, this team will be difficult to beat in New Orleans. (East #1) Lucky to be in a weak pool, they'll hold out on pitching Blake until they're absolutely forced to. That might be pretty dang early in this tourney. If they're forced to pull him again, they're tourney prospects change quickly. As good offensively as Panik/OSC when their game is on. (Southeast #3)
New York Shower Hammers New York City, NY
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Last Poll: 4
They have two absolute workhorses at charger and catcher, as Ricky and Oakley take on the brunt of the work throughout the whole day, and one of the top collections of women in the country. You can view them as a team that travels really light, or really lean. I tend to lean towards the latter, and I think they proved this with their finals run in DC a couple months ago. (East #2) One of the most consistent teams in all of circuit and will be looking to improve upon their semifinal performance last year in New Orleans. Their defense is capable of single handily keeping them in games and they possess a potent top of the order. (East #1) Consistently do well in these deep tourneys. I don't think they have any chance to win this, but won't be shocked if they make another final four run. (Southeast #3)
Sofa King Good Los Angeles, CA
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Last Poll: 5
Sofa King established this year that they aren't just a team that will threaten you, but they are a team that is capable of beating any of the top teams in the country. Their FC run was impressive without several key members of their squad and have very high expectations for Circuit Cup. (East #2) SKG has proven to be the Best of the West and a team capable of competing with the best East Coast teams, evident by recently taking Situation to overtime at Founder?s Cup. SKG is a very technically sound team with some of the best females in kickball. (East #1) They paid their money, played at a lot of tourneys (very well), and are rewarded with what may be the likely #1 elim seed if their pool goes to plan. They played neck and neck with Situation team + 2 NYSH studs, so they should be able to hang with anyone. A game with Panik would be the best storyline, here's hoping it happens. (Southeast #3)
Other Shot Callers Washington, DC
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Last Poll: 6
OSC usually travels with an army, word around the interwebs is that they are a little lighter than usual for this one, will that hurt them? Were they carrying too much fat before and this smaller roster is a blessing in disguise? Only time will tell, but I have to drop them down a little for that reason. (East #2) This seems too low for OSC, but their 2013 results have been inconsistent. It has also been rumored that they will be traveling light to New Orleans. However, if they bring the right pieces, OSC is more than capable of making the championship game for the second year in a row. (East #1) Just a nasty lineup to face and realllly solid ladies. Looked nasty recently, but no Tyson/Mach3 means eventual pitching issues in a field this deep. Their offense alone should carry them to at least the elite 8. (Southeast #3)
Flying V Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 7
Flying V is once again in the Pool of Death, new members in this pool include Panik Attack and JKI, joining V and existing team Shockwave for some early morning fun in New Orleans. This is a deeper and more experienced V than last year, with the addition of Jonathan Woods to pair with Duff and Red, V looks to build off of their FC title and rebound from last years season ending performance. (East #2) The V possesses one of the younger and more talented teams in all of circuit. They are once again in the Pool of Death, but feel they will make it out of pool play this team. They won the GKO in dominating fashion this past year and are rolling very deep for CCC. Look for their kickers to make a lot of noise and their pitchers staying fresh all day. (East #1) Going for the "triple crown" in name, but this is not the founders cup team. Has a good shot to make it to the final four if they survive their group, but haven't yet proven they are in the same category as MB/Panik/OSC. (Southeast #3)
Lights Out Harrisburg, PA
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Last Poll: 8
Lights Out has had a pretty good year, breaking through to win their first Circuit Tournament of the year by defeating NYSH on their home turf. Look for the kickballer formerly known as Andrew Luck to give kickers fits throughout this tournament. (East #2) One of the most improved teams on the circuit, they will be looking to continue their success after winning the recent NYKO. Lights Out is a great kicking team that possesses a very good infield. (East #1) Great pitcher/catcher combo, but how much will depth be a factor if they make it out of their pool? One team that needs to get off to a good start so they have a chance at a good finish. (Southeast #3)
Fully Loaded Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 9
Fully tends to rise to the occasion, but hard to get a read on this team this year. I can't see them making it to the final four, but this team uses inertia and emotion better than anyone. You don't want to play a FL team on a roll when elims get going. (Southeast #3)
JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Last Poll: 10
One of the best defensive teams in all of circuit, JKI must find their offensive identity to make a deep run in New Orleans. (East #1)
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Last Poll: 11
Tremayne pitches hard. This team is extremely fast. They sure as hell keep you on your toes. But after looking like an upcoming force in DC, they've faltered a little in this format recently (despite doing very well in others). If their D tightens up this is a team that can surprise some people. (Southeast #3)
Cobra Kai Jacksonville, FL
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Last Poll: 12
One of those teams you don't worry about until the game is over and you realize they outscored you. Keep their cool better than anyone. (Southeast #3)
Relax and Lock it Up state,
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Last Poll: 13
Word on the street is Relax will be a little lighter in the awesome hair department in New Orleans. This could make a tough day for the team rocking royal blue and orange. I expect a strong effort from them, but short handed it will probably mean an early exit. (East #2)
Brew Crew Cartel Los Angeles, CA
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Last Poll: 14
Brew Crew Cartel didn't find a way to make it over the hump this year, but they are constantly hanging around and making deep runs in tournaments. Don't be surprised to see the other WC team with an upset or two along the way. (East #2)
Oh Danny Balls New Orleans, LA
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Last Poll: 15
Oh Danny Balls came up with two huge wins before this tournament even started. 1) They're playing at home, definitely a win for any team, especially one that is already dangerous. 2) Chuck Norris decided to play last minute. This took away their 3-4 match up with The Meatballs in pool play, assuring this 4 seed of a being no worse than 2-2, sneak out a win in one of those two games and 3-1 could leave this home town team in a really good spot for elims (assuming there are any good spots in this round of single elims). (East #2)
Superdudes Milwaukee, WI
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Last Poll: 16
Superdudes made news two years ago advancing to the Final 4. They should win their Wild Card pool and be a very formidable foe for whoever advances as the #1 seed. (East #1)
Beta Atlanta, GA
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Last Poll: 17
The Gordon Bombays Studio City, CA
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Last Poll: 18
Peninsula Pounders Newport News, VA
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Last Poll: 19
The Gargyles Orange County, CA
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Last Poll: 20

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1 Panik Attack Virginia Beach, VA 330 10
2 MEATBALLS Fort Lauderdale, FL 321 4
3 The Situation Norfolk, VA 303 2
4 Sofa King Good Los Angeles, CA 294 0
5 New York Shower Hammers New York City, NY 271 0
6 Other Shot Callers Washington, DC 252 0
7 Flying V Atlanta, GA 198 0
8 Lights Out Harrisburg, PA 192 1
9 Cobra Kai Jacksonville, FL 174 0
10 SHOCKWAVE Bowie, MD 147 0
11 Fully Loaded Fort Lauderdale, FL 147 0
12 Brew Crew Cartel Los Angeles, CA 134 0
13 Relax and Lock it Up state, 109 0
14 JKI Ft. Lauderdale, FL 108 0
15 Oh Danny Balls New Orleans, LA 84 0
16 Superdudes Milwaukee, WI 81 0
17 The Gordon Bombays Studio City, CA 45 1
18 Beta Atlanta, GA 43 0
19 The Gargyles Orange County, CA 42 0
20 El Guapo Kansas City, MO 35 0

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